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Product specifications and features.
  • Brand new and high quality.
  • Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer: Vacuum packing machine can help you extend the fresh to keep taste of food and avoid insect, keeping ingredients and locking nutrients in food.
  • Easy to Operate: Automatic Vacuum Sealing, adopting simple and fast vacuum sealing package, green button means vacuum state, green light flashes turn to red light, the then to green light flashes again, the sealing namely completed.
  • Sealed & Vacuum to Keep Food Fresh: Directly seal the food or keep vacuum state to seal food to keep the fresh. Vacuum packing machine can help you cook more delicious food for your families and friends; it is a good choice when you picnic or travel with a vacuum packaging food.
  • Kind Reminder: Sealing bags must be face up and don’t fill the food exceeding the 2/3 of the sealed bag,so as not to affect the sealing effect.Before using it,please read the instructions carefully. Please write the date with the label to remind yourself on the bags.
  • Vacuum preservation to extend the time of keeping food fresh.
  • Vacuum & Sealed keeping ingredients and locking nutrients in food.
  • Name: Vacuum Sealing
  • Material: ABS, Sponge
  • Size: Length*Width*Height: 13.5″*2.5″*2″


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